Saturday, 16 March 2013

Across the road from the Rest Area was Rankins Nursery. Bon View Orchard looked to be growing peach trees. These chaps were busy working the orchard. Another place had strawberries, while another yet had Icecream and Fruit.  Lavender was growing and they had tea rooms. Coffee and pies down the road. Jinks Creek Winer was on the left, Drouin and Warrigal. Passed Ti Tree Creek, 3 to Bunyip, Baw Baw, Longwarry North Robin Hood.  A sign advertised "Drovin' Picnic Races". Alpacas in colours of dark brown and white were in paddocks.
Once again were round hay bales.  Mt Baw Baw was on the left, Nojee exit on the left, and Nerim South exit. Robin Hood Hotel Motel was seen. Traralgon still 71k, turnoffs to Warrigal and Lardner Park. West Gippsland Arts Centre  was spotted. Farm World was on 21-24 March.  Gippsland Lakes Catchment Area was passed and we saw dairy cattle.  Korumburra and Warigal exits. Nilma Exit and Nilma Interchange.  Passed by Mt Worth State Park, Musical Village.  Darnum had a general store, tea rooms, hotel and oil sales. "tea Rooms" seem to be the in thing down this way.  Went over Moe River.  Yarragan Village has a motel, gifts, tea rooms, take-a-aways, gallery cafe, art. Saw Bob's Shed-antiques, etc.  There was a black train in the centre of the road.  It had a bowling green, Yarragon Ale House, new and used wares. Saw Gatti's butchers, cattle, tomato sales. Spotted what I think was square white glass houses  used for growing tomatoes.  There was 9 mile road and Williamson's road.  Found a Rose and Fuchia nursery. Potatoes and fruit and vegetable shop. Sunny creek road had an organic berry farm. Traflagar has  tractors, united fuel, coles, churches, BK's, Patchwork and quilting, and a school.  Passed by Waterloo  Road.  Streleki are building houses in a new development. Places went by were Delhunti Park and Telephone Road, and Wirraway Street. Morwell exit.  Electricity is big in Yallourn.  Leongatha and Morwell turnoffs on the left. Morwell has Power Works where you can take a tour two days a week to see it.We were on Streleki  Highway. Morwell National Park. Monash Way and Uni.  The freeway ends just before Traralagan. Latrobe Regional Hospital is on the left. Camped the night at Tralagon Park Lane Holiday Park right beside Mercedes Benz but we didn't find out until we left next day. Transfield chaps contractors like Telstra were staying in units with their gear. Traralgon has a good big shopping centre. Plenty of boats for sale.If you haven't bought one down here you are out of it.Spotted an old boat in a cattle yard sitting there rusting.  Leawood Angus and Hereford were the prominent cattle here. Sh

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