Sunday, 17 March 2013

This was the sight we found in front of our park at Seymour. They had a park there too. A lovely spot with tall trees to stroll through.We think we found Jo's fruit tree out near Goulburn Weir. Took a photo. Had round yellow skinned fruit. There was a big Caltex Service Station when we came out from seeing Goulburn Weir. It had 6 bays for big trucks to refuel at. Saw East Goulburn Main Channel for water. 1st Exit was for Tatura and Kyabram, 2nd Exit for Murchison and Rushworth on the left. Murchison Violet Town Exit on the left. Spent a lot of money on the roads downhere. Sheep andcattle were on both sides of the road. The Calder Woodburn Rest Area is a large place. Has toilets and fireplace and is a good one. Three trucks in it. A pale blue car with left hand drive passed by us. We were in Kialla West. Paradise Lake 5k's out had a motor museum and Chocolates.

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