Friday, 22 March 2013

Inverlochy had a big mansion on the hill. Connen Hill Lucerne. Tarago had a school and old church. The Loaded Dog Hotel with live music. Bundarra had sheep on Branxton Park property. Pine trees. We were on Kings Highway. 26k to Braidwood.Here we found an oval, sports ground, jockey club, old settlers building, colonial motel, pig and whistle gallery, hospital, shops, old houses and car model trains. Monar country manor has young horses.Bushy country. Forest trees have tree ferns. Mungarlowe River, Mongor National Park on the right. Bundawang National park on the left. Clyde Mountain had steep descent for 5k's. tree ferns. Government Bend, Misty Mountain Road, cabbage tree creek, dinner creek, scrubby country.Currawong State Forest. Clyde river has boat cruises. Batesman Bay has 17,500 ppulation. Bridge lifts up for boats to go through on a river cruise. Stayed Top Tourist at Sunshine Bay. Malua is nice to see. South Rosedale is nothing, North Rosedale, Barling Beach, Tomakin known as sunpatch by the sea,hill and beach and surfing. Went to a garage sale here. Mossy Point and Broulee. Rocks walk to beach. Historic Quarry Park where we snapped more photos. Fishing on way to Moruga.Spotted an old rusty boat with barnacles galore on it.This wood carving chain sawn was at Moruga.

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