Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Tuesday 5th March left Stawell to see Halls Gap, Falls, etc. Airport for Stawell was on the left.Once again there were sheep, black cattle, black bull and hay.  Crossed Pleasant Creek.  Theland by the roadside was swampy.  White and yellow cockatoos were eating seed planted in the ground. Cleared open paddocks with a tree dotted here and there was a nice sight to see. Lake Fyans was 4 k's off the road on the left and had a van park.  Mt William Creek had water in it.  Devil's Garden State Forest was on the left. Mt Difficult, Fyans Creek Road was on the right.  Hall's Haven was on the left had holiday units. Another place to stay was Grampians Garden Van Park. This photo was taken from the Boroka Lookout when we were at HALLS GAP. Halls Gap is in the Grampians National Park.  Did a trip around it.  It has Motels, Ned's Bed and Breakfast, Police, Van Park and shops. Firstly drove in to "Wonderland Car Park" in scrubby bushland.  Seems to be stringy bark trees and bracken fern.  From here you can take a walk in the bushland. Came across Victoria Valley which is "not for caravans". I was a bit slow and didn't have the camera ready and there was a wallaby behind a sign.Secondly we thoroughly enjoyed Boroka Lookout.  It was a good one. Old Mll Road which was gravel was 4WD only.

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