Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Before we left we had lunch beside Lake Bellfield under shady trees. A really beaut picnic area. At 2p.m. it was 29oC. To see Mt William it was 10k to the carpadk and a 2k walk to the lookout.  On the way out took photos of high rugged mountains. Crossed 1st Wannon Creek and 2nd Wannon Creek and Stockyard Creek. Snapped Signal Peak, Mt Abrupt(can walk up it), and also Mt Sturgeon. Passed Dunkeld Racecourse, school, United Fuel and Police. Agapanthus plants are popular in gardens here. Having seen Hamilton we passed on by and headed for Portland. At Hamilton a shop was called"only ewe".  There was a Royal Mail Hotel.  It was smoky when we left the grampians.  Saw horses. A serrated tussock(of grass) is a threat to Agriculture.

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