Saturday, 9 March 2013

Our next stop off point was Tower Hill. We'd been here before. Last time we saw an emu driving in but not this time.We walked around looking up in trees for koalas.  Lucky us, we found two. That was all we saw there.  Col was calling them "drop bears". The bottom of the trees had a sheet of heavy plastic around them 3-4 feet high. Illowa-saw more dairy cattle and corn growing.  Merri River had a Rose Farm. We have two nights at Warrnambool and they have to go.  All parks are booked out due to the Folk Festival at Port Fairy and events on here at Warrnambool.  Parks are booked out from Petersborough, Port Campbell, Warrnambool and Port Fairy.  Port Fairy has a Folk Festival on-anything from Blues, Folk, Rock and Roll and Country.  Just had our windscreen seen to for leaking today.  They fixed a leak they found on the passenger side so hope all is well.  Early today ventured to Logan's Beach. It is a very popular spot to whale watch. The area is known as Whale Nursery.  Here we saw the surfing chaps in their wet suits riding the waves in to the beach. We drove over Hopkins River where you can camp by it.  Passed Granny's Grave which has a 165m walk to it.

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