Saturday, 16 March 2013

Stopped to take a photo at Cape Patton Lookout.  Here I talked with a local cyclist who told me they have had nice weather this summer.  Drove over Schrapnel Gully, Grey River in Otway National Park, Kennet River which had a Top Tourist Park and Kiosk, Monash Gully.  Wye River had foreshore camping, surfing and a Big 4 Park.  Separation Creek had houses high up in the hills.  Spotted a couple of boats bobbing out at sea.  The sun was shining on the sea. Took two chaps on rocks and next photo on way to Lorne.  Just before Jamieson River people were fishing off rocks.  Looked slippery and dangerous as waves splashed up on rocks.  Found Mount Defiance Lookout.  Cumberland River had a Holiday Park and could only take a certain number of vans.  Drove into Sheoak Falls and every step was up and didn't do it.  St  George River had a nice beach where children could swim and people fished there. We arrived at Lorne and what do you think we found? They had markets on and it was their Labour Day Weekend.  People and cars where everywhere. The traffic coming down to Lorne was full on.

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