Sunday, 17 March 2013

The forest trees were straight and tall and had tree ferns amongst them.  A gorgeous sight! wish we could find more drives like this one.  The road narrows.  Forestry workers have cabins in the hills to stay in.  The sun shining through the trees was a good sight.  At Nojee came across 4 houses and another sawmill.  Water was spraying overstacks of timber logs. Further down the roadNojee had a library, pub and two shops. One local chap walking back inside a shop had just had a coffee and was bent over probably due to working with timber.  Another mill yet again. Trestle Bridge. Passed a bus on the road. Piedmont has a Trout Farm. Around here are black cattle, corn and pumpkin. Came across a dead wombat on the road.  Spied a Rest area called "Limberlost" which was a largish one where you could camp. Then came Yarra State Forest. The road has holes in it and needs repairing badly. There were road works being done as we drove on it.  Came across forest trees only recently burnt by fire.Boys Camp Creek had a house and there were houses in the hills.

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