Saturday, 16 March 2013

Graeme a 4th Generation

Col and Crikey under the big trees at Willow Creek Camp site.There were other caravans and motorhomes there. We continued on to see Lakes Entrance. Lake Glenmaggie was on the left.  Sheep and cattle on farms. They're busy making a double lane highway both ways to Sale.  Sale is a big place and has a good big shopping centre. There is a double lane highway to Bairnsdale,  There are open paddocks with cattle.  Passed Brown Swiss Stud and Winery. Found a Rest area by the Avon River. An armed  forces museum here. Straatford would have a bakery, cafe, butcher and bowls club.  Came across dilapidated buildings where businesses once where.  They had an industrial park. Bengworden was on the right.  We rolled along towards Bairnsdale. It is noted for its blueberries and raspberries. Jenkins fruit farm is on the road to Johnsville. They grow tree-ripened, farm fresh fruit with flavour. Accredited fruit fly free (fruit can leave the area). Graeme, a 4th generation orchaardist who is absolutely passionate about the quality, flavour and texture of the fruit.  A rest area at Providence ponds has toilets. Sheep appear poorly here.

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