Tuesday, 26 March 2013

This is the old pub at Capertee. Even had on the blackboards "Merry Christmas" and "Happy New Year!". Capertee Valley had a Police Station, Rest Area, The Catholic Church which had green iron walls and roof. Next area we came across was Bethel.  They had helicopters. There was a herb farm and fencing timber. Foxwood had a property called by that name and a farm cafe with "clsed" sign up. CherryTree Hill was 1110m above sea level. Hills were full of trees. Fancy having a "Wishing Well" on the side of a mountain range where by rights there were no stopping places. Still found weeping willows and more old settlers huts.Carpel Cottage had accommodation. Coming into Ilford a chap had a business called "Mountain Signs". Not many bikies on this road saw three. Next Wollemi National Park loomed into view. Lucerne was getting sold for $10 a bale. Saw Santa Gertrudis catle .

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