Saturday, 16 March 2013

Ventured up to Teddy's Lookout and took a snap and here it is.  Passed Lemonade cottages.  On the way out of Lorne passed a camping spot by the sea and across the road was a Foodland Supermarket.  A wooden bridge was over the creek flowing out to the sea. Beaches and rocks on the way out.  Airey's Inlet- Passed Reedy Creek.  People were fishing on the beach.  Passed a police car.  Cinema Point was 95m above sea level. Drove by a grassy creek.  Then saw Fairhaven on the beach. Crossed Painkalac Creek.  Arrived Airey's Inlet.  Here we found eating shops, cffee, and an icecreamery.  The highway police were on a mssion.  They had sirens blaring and down the road they went.  Caught sight of an owl carved in wood by a chainsaw in a park. A Music Festival is on in Airey's Inlet from 15,16 & 17th March.  They have a General Store and Truffles Restaurant.  Markets were on here today 7-1 p.m.  Next we were on our way to Angelsea.  Drove past Urqurht Bluff and didn't take a photo.  Hutt Gully had seaweed.  Plenty of surfers were at the beach at Port Roadknight.  Arrived at  Anglsea.  Again markets  were on and people and cars parked everywhere.  Even saw three camels.  They had a big event on.  Never in our life have we seen such a line up of cars coming out of Anglesea in a continuous line.  Stacks of traffic were coming down.  Even a Ranger.  It was a 5k line up and they were still coming. Passed Point Addis, Bellbrae Country Club and Cottages, Bells Nursery, cafe and pots for the garden.  Drove by Bells Beach.  Jan Ju just outside of Torquay had shops, Lookout and a Reserve and surfbeach.  We couldn't find a van park.  They were all booked out.  In desperation drove out of Torquay and on to Mt Duneed. Here found Geelong Surfcoast Highway Holiday Park.  We had rang them earlier in the day and they didn't have a site.  When we came in at 5.30p.m. they had one, the last one we were told.  Then in came a Jayco Conquest Motorhome and he too drove in to a site.  A lady I spoke to on the beach said she was in a caravan park at San Ju and they had sites but may be not with power.  The night before we had no power only what was in our van.  Rabbits were digging holes in the sand where you walked out to the beach at Torquay.

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