Tuesday, 5 March 2013

HORSHAM- Red gums at Glenelg River. Limbs fall off these trees.  People fish here.  Lovely spot! Had two large pine trees.  Low rolling hills were very dry. We didn't go on Wartook Tourist Drive. Men had just laid bitumen on the road and gravel and then we were first over it. MOCKINYA-Lingara property is on the right and has horses.assed over Norton Creek, Pickford Bridge.  Plenty of grain storage.  Saw College Creek Campus.HAVEN has houses, horses, a Memorial Hall, General Store, Metal Land, Toyota.  Green Park is brown. Caltex, Wheatfields Motor Inn, Majestic Motel.  All of a sudden there's traffic coming from everywhere.  It had been a quiet drive coming out.  Must have been a back road. HORSHAM is a big place.  It has a Restaurant, Toy's Garden, Olsen and Carter Shop, Horsham Lighting, Tyres, Charcoal Chicken, Golden Chain Motel, Betta Electrical, Harvey Norman, Tyrepower, Royal Hotel, Outdoor Camping, Butcher, Bar and Grill, Amcal Chemist, shops galore, Bakery, Jewelery, Cheeky Fx, Post Office, Brass Band, Heated Pool and Spa.  Heading out of Horsham came across a Mohair Farm, an Antiques shop that had everything there, Burnt Creek Collectibles and a model flying club. Burnt Creek had a rest area-table and a tree. Green Lake is a nice cam spot and rest area.

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