Tuesday, 5 March 2013

The Giant Koala is a Tourist Complex. The structure is 14 metres high and 7 metres wide and used over 12 tonne of material to complete.  It's height is equivalent to a 4 storey building.They have zoo animals such as Wilma and Wally who are swamp wallabies, Cuddles the Koala, two emus named Oscar and Tiddles, Misty the fallow deer, Chocky the Alpaca, Cocky, Lambchop(sheep), and Billy the goat. It is an information centre for the Grampians. Roses Gap Recreation Center was 10 k's away. Saw two chimneys in a paddock-may be they made bricks there. Passed another rest area. Stawell Quarry. Found a windmill. Went by Deep Lead Forest. It was 8k's to Lake Lonsdale which was gravel. STAWELL has Motels, Restaurant, Van Park, rest area before Stawell is a good one! Reeves Hill Bushland Reserve.

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