Saturday, 2 March 2013

This old church built in 1910 is in Keith.  Ti is a RV Friendly town. Saw a long tin shed which was a sad old building with no roof.  There was BP Fuel, Thrifty Link, Irrigation Industries, Tractors, Motel, Pony Club, S, Keith's Football and Netball Clubs large building, a Bakery, School, showgrounds, Speciality Shops, Rods and Relics(old cars), Takeaways, Taitara Tyres, clothes shop, van park, swim pool, car sellers and Miller Canvas Awning and Blinds. Saw a large building called Taitara Olive Processors. Mount Monster Conservation Park.  Found a nice rest area after leaving Keith.  Passed Brecon Breeders and Red Angus Cattle Stud. Valhalla on the left hand side of the road exit.  Goonamurra property up for sale.  Willalooka has food and fuel, a good big rest area and across the road a Pub."Dead Hollow Trees are protected," Sarina property had silver tinsel hanging around the mail box. Hazeldeen has angus on the left.  Amaroo Lucerne Flat grows grass for cattle.  Saw more sheep.  Rosewood property had grapes growing for wine.

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